Be sure to take advantage of these money-saving specials from Organicare Texas. You and your lawn will be glad that you did!

Free Soil Analysis

We will refund the cost of the soil test when you agree to the corrective measures determined by independent lab results. The soil test will test the PH level and organic content of the soil along with major and trace elements. We highly recommend the soil corrections in order to take full advantage of our program.

Referral Discounts!

5% Savings on all services for a full season for EACH referral. Or call us and give us your friend/families name and phone number and we’ll give them a call. All they need to do is give us your name when they sign up for the services.

Discount is good for 1 full season.

Seasonal Services Savings

  • 10% Discount for Fall deep root feeding
  • 10% Discount for Fall Aeration
  • 10% Discount for full season (6 applications) paid in advance.