Organicare Program

Organicare of North Texas

Organicare of North Texas, located in Lucas, is owned and operated by Mike Hughes.

Ask Mike where he is from and he’ll tell you, “I’m a New Yorker by birth and a Texan by choice”. After graduating college in 1981 Mike moved to Tulsa, OK. In 1982 he and his fiancée Heidi decided to marry, but it wasn’t until the summer of 1985 that Texas became their home. In the fall of 1989 they moved to Lucas where they still reside today. There they live on two acres and are raising two daughters, Corri and Andie.

When they first moved into their new home they hired a lawn care company to take care of the fertilization and weed control. What they got was first hand experience with the pitfalls of a purely chemical program: cycles of fast growth followed by slow decline. After that they tried the do-it-yourself organic program and watched the weeds flourish.

When Mike first heard about Organicare and their Organicare 50, Organicare 75 and Organicare 100 programs, he had to look closer. He went to Austin to see the Organicare operation there; he talked to the customers, and saw their lawns. What he found was the answer to many common Texas lawn problems and a new career.

In his yard you’ll find Bermuda, St. Augustine, Buffalo, and Fescue grasses. Yes, you’ll find some weeds, too, but not for long. Fifteen years of experience dealing with these common Texas lawn grasses, combined with the Organicare program, give him the tools he needs to help himself and you have a lawn the right way, the Organicare way.

Give Mike a call at 214-251-6689 or e-mail him at and he can provide you with a free lawn evaluation. You can also call the Organicare National headquarters for assistance at 800-801-8046. Join Organicare and together we can improve the ecosystem one lawn at a time.

Call us today at 214-251-6689 for a free soil analysis!